Paul Sadler – vocals, electric guitar
Andreas Hack – all other instruments

Haven of Echoes is a new project by critically acclaimed musicians Paul Sadler (Spires) and Andreas Hack (Frequency Drift) that puts sophisticated songwriting, thoughtful lyrics and emotional vocal performance to the fore.

Best known as vocalist, guitarist and songwriter for celebrated UK based progressive metal act Spires, Paul possesses a haunting voice that ranges from silky smooth to harsh and anguished. His talent for inventive melodies and layered vocal composition takes centre stage throughout this exciting new project.

Andreas Hack is a musician from Germany whose former band Frequency Drift earned an international fan base with concerts all over Europe and released eight albums worldwide, which were enthusiastically received by fans and the press alike.

The debut album “The Indifferent Stars” is the engaging result of this collaboration. Difficult to categorise, it is at once progressive yet accessible, familiar yet forward-thinking. An album that takes the listener on a self-reflective journey, exploring the simultaneously connected yet increasingly isolated world we inhabit.

As guest musician, Andreas’ former bandmate, electric harpist Nerissa Schwarz enriches the music with a wide range of sounds, from eerie ambient soundscapes to energetic outbursts. She also wrote the music to the dark and brooding “The Lord Giveth…”. Electric guitars, acoustic stringed instruments, analogue synthesizers, digital sound generators and dynamic drums add further dazzling tones to the music.

A wide array of percussive instruments is also used to create another exciting layer that gives the songs a driving and exciting edge.

All these elements are combined in a unique cinematic, gothic and truly progressive album that despite all its musical complexities is at its heart a collection of interesting and relatable stories that will fascinate and thrill the listener.

  1. Sirensong
  2. The Orator’s Gift
  3. Stasis
  4. Endtime
  5. The Lord Giveth…
  6. Let Them In

Performed by

Paul Sadler: all vocals, guitars (6)

Nerissa Schwarz: electric harp, keys (3, 5)

Wolfgang Ostermann: drums

Andreas Hack: all other instruments

Lyrics and vocal lines by Paul Sadler

Music written, arranged and produced by Andreas Hack

except (5) by Nerissa Schwarz

The album will be available on 7th October 2022 as CD and download at and on all streaming platforms